Tuesday, 21 June 2016

Hosting A BBQ

As most of you in the UK will know, a couple of weeks ago we had our first big batch of absolutely perfect weather and I couldn't resist throwing a garden party come BBQ.  I invited my closest girls round, whipped out my table runner and well and truly got to work making sure everyone had a great time. 

For food, I chose all the best bits from the summer M&S range and boy was it good and could have been way more affordable if we didn't go slightly overboard. For drinks, we stayed true to our not so sophisticated roots and drank vodka, lime and lemonade out of the most adorable Kilner jars. 

Until this year we lived in an apartment with no garden or balcony and I have to say, it makes such a big difference having outdoor space when it's sunny outside. I can't wait to spend more nights like this as the months roll on.

In case you were wondering, the paper plates and napkins below are also from Ikea and can you believe they were in the 'Last Chance To Buy' section?!

Let me know what your plans are this summer!


Thursday, 9 June 2016

15 Staples For Your Festival Wardrobe

This year, I really decided to dive into festivals. Besides mini-fests in local pubs I’ve never been interested in attending because, truthfully, I hate the idea of camping. With this in mind, when choosing which festivals I was going to attend, I knew they had to be in good driving distance, near a decent hotel, and preferably a festival I could go for the day and not feel like I missed out.

I made my choices.

Slamdunk, a pop-punk day festival held in Leeds, Birmingham and Hatfield over May bank holiday weekend. I chose to go to the Leeds date on Saturday 28th May. I have friends in Leeds and love the city so this was an obvious choice. I had a brilliant time and got to see some of my favourite bands.

Parklife, which from my understanding is more of an electro/house music festival. It’s held over the weekend of June 11th and 12th, but as it’s only in Manchester and because I have work on Monday, I’m happy just bobbing along on the Saturday to see what it’s all about.

Leeds Festival, a rock music festival based in Leeds over the last bank holiday in August. Because this is such a big festival I definitely wouldn’t have stayed the whole weekend camping or not. I managed to pick up day tickets for the Sunday which has a great line up.

So with these festivals lined up, I’m going to need something to wear!

As always, my first port of call was New Look and below you’ll see my festival wish list.

There's definitely a colour scheme going on here right? I thought, all of these pieces are so versatile and can easily be mix and matched amongst themselves to create multiple outfits if you were thinking of travelling light. 

Which festivals will you be attending this year and what will be your staples?

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