Sunday, 14 August 2016

Office Inspiration

Office Inspiration
As some of you may know from my Finishing Touches post back in March, I had a spare room in my house and absolutely nothing to do with it. We settled back then with just another bedroom and ever since, it has grated on me. Only one person has slept in there and it's beginning look cluttered. There's a pc and a white desk in the room at the moment but the rest of the room is the worlds oldest brown furniture. It needs a revamp

Then it hit me. We could really utilise the room as a home office/lounge/reading nook/guest roomIt doesn't have to have ONE purpose. 

So as I mentioned we will still use it as a guest room but with a sofa bed or a day bed so that we can also use it as a chill out room or extra lounge. We'll keep a lot of books and magazines and the guitar in there in case we ever want to relax in quiet. The colours are going to be clean and calming so lots of white and grey with some dusty colours thrown in there too. We'll also keep the lighting very soft. 

Office Inspiration
I've been using Pinterest to keep all of the office inspiration together so make sure you head over, check it out and follow me if you like what I'm pinning! 

Let me know down below your ideas and tips for creating a relaxing space!



  1. Amazing post! I'm redecorating and repainting my bedroom and I really need some inspiration! Thanks ;)

    1. Thank you! I've never really looked into office decor before now and I'm loving it! X

  2. This is such a cute post! I use Pinterest for my home decor ideas too. It's such a great way to keep your ideas together.


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