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Summer Nail Polish Edit

Summer Nail Polish
Accessories are the perfect way to pull an outfit together. Whether it's a necklace, some rings or even a great bag we instantly feel complete when we add them to an outfit. Sometimes though, when I'm putting on the finishing touches before heading out for the evening I look down and realise I've forgotten the most important thing. Nail polish.

Giving my self a fresh at home mani is something I do every Sunday in the winter months but in Summer I just forget, so yesterday I headed into Boots with the hopes of finding the perfect Summer nail colours to give that extra touch. I picked up these four colours from one of my go to nail polish brands, Barry M and I think they're absolutely gorgeous! They are Rose Hip, Pink Candy, Laguna, Empire State of Mint.

Summer nail polish
The first one I chose was Rose Hip. This is actually a repurchase because I love this colour so much. It goes with absolutely everything and is actually a good all year round polish. This one of their Gelly Hi Shine finishes. They're incredibly glossy and last for a good 7 days when worn with a top coat. 

Summer nail polish
Next up is one of their limited edition finishes, Lolly Gloss. It's a sheer polish with a juicy finish - think the lipgloss you had when you were six years old. I know that seems strange but it's actually a nice finish. Even though it's supposed to be sheer, I would allow two coats for the colour to really pop. It's a beautiful pink colour and smells like strawberries.

Summer nail polish
Third in my summer nail polish picks is one from the Coconut Infusion range. This colour is so beautiful and would look brilliant with a tan. It's infused with coconut water and oil so claims to be great for your nails. This polish held up well with one coat and is going strong one day in.

Summer nail polish
Last but definitely not least is a go to summer polish colour for many of us. A beautiful mint green in the Sunset finish. Now, you do need the Sunset top coat to make the most of this polish but it's definitely worth it. These polishes last well over a week when taken care of and I have so many winter polish colours from this collection.

There you have it, my summer nail polish picks. I hope you enjoyed reading and let me know if you have any go to Summer colours or brands that you love?

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summer nail polish edit



  1. Oh I love those!! I always forget to paint my nails too- I have to make myself, but it's worth it! It makes me feel pampered. I'm intrigued by that coconut infused polish as well...very cool. One of my fave colors is by China Glaze, called Pool Party. Very bright but great for summer. But you definitely need that top coat!!

    1. I know right, they're such a great selection so hopefully I can match them to anything! I didn't notice a difference the first time I used it but I'm definitely going to use it for a few weeks and see if my nail condition improves. I'll have to check out the China Glaze polishes soon!

      Thanks for the comment Jen x


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