Thursday, 8 September 2016

Michael Kors Hamilton Review

Michael Kors Hamilton EW Satchel
There's something about the right handbag that just completes an outfit. Whether it’s high street or designer, when worn right they are the cherry on top of a great outfit.

For months, even years now, I’ve been searching for the cherry. That little piece that completes every outfit, that I take everywhere and that I love with all my heart. After years of searching, I’ve found it.

Now, Michael Kors isn’t a brand I’ve ever been drawn to, there's often too much hardware for my liking and the bags are too large for my height. Pair this with the fact that every teenage girl got one for Christmas in 2012 and you could pretty much rule me out. But not this time.

I walked into the store in Cheshire Oaks and I saw it, perched on the shelf. The perfect sized handbag, with minimal hardware and structured leather - not to mention a bargain price.

Michael Kors Hamilton EW Satchel
My little beauty is the Hamilton EW Satchel in black leather with gold hardware. It originally retailed for £285 but, wait for this, it was mine for the small price of £129! I literally couldn’t leave it there.

It has a shoulder strap, one compartment, two flat pockets and a zip pocket. Also, rather than a zip, the bag closes with a flap. Think Louis Vuitton Capucines but narrower. This means no chances of splitting or overfilling - hallelujah.

It has the lock and key detailing which I haven't seen much of - good news for me - and it also gives you the option of taking the padlock off if, like me, those types of things get on your nerves.

The quality of this bag surprised me and I’m not sure why. It feels sturdy, very well made and because of the type of leather, it won’t show signs of stretching or general wear and tear.

Michael Kors Hamilton EW Satchel
Overall, I’m absolutely in love with this bag. It’s a great size, shape and style and I’ll definitely be getting my moneys worth out of it. I did think about doing a ‘Whats In My Bag?’ but as it’s new, it’s still pretty tidy and that would be boring - watch this space.

Let me know the best bag you've purchased & why!

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