Sunday, 11 December 2016

Christmas Make Up Must Haves

Christmas make up must haves
I know what you're thinking, did I really need to write another beauty post? Well with party season well under way, I wanted to talk to you today about some great products you can stash in your make up bag to ensure your make up is in tip top shape all Christmas. I for one in the past have struggled firstly with make up that stays on for long periods of time and secondly, make up that actually looks good. This is where these products come in.

In terms of longevity, first up is the Smashbox Photo Finish Primer. This is the first primer I found that doesn't exaggerate my dry skin which is amazing. Depending what you're used to, it can be seen as pricey but I think for the dry skin reason alone, it's an excellent purchase. With this primer I also find my make up glides on smoothly making it easy to achieve a flawless base. It also makes my make up last considerably longer than when I don't wear it. To add just one more bonus, it also comes in travel size. Thumbs up.

Next in line is a love or hate product. When it first came out I absolutely raved about the Benefit They're Real mascara. For me, this mascara nails two of my biggest mascara must haves. It's waterproof and it's lengthening. Also, it doesn't clump or transfer. No matter how many different mascaras I try, I always end up coming back to this one. Definitely a staple for me.

If versatility is what you're looking for, then the Fall Into Frost pallet from Morphe ticks all of the boxes. There are seven nude shades which accompany the most pigmented shimmer shades I think I've ever seen. There are so many different looks you could create with this pallet making it such a good buy for yourself or a loved one this Christmas. It's a game changer.

Last but definitely not least, a berry lipstick. My personal favourite is 03 from the Rimmel Lasting Finish range. I reach for these lipsticks over any other and have them in so many different shades. This berry shade can be worn all through the holidays and is the perfect compliment to any look you create from the Fall Into Frost pallet. Believe me, I've tried.

I hope you enjoyed reading about my make up must haves this Christmas, I'd love you know what your make up essentials are!

christmas make up essentials


  1. Great post! I love smashbox. Haven't tried their primer yet, though, but I'm super glad to hear that the quality of it is really good!

    Bryn || The Wine Chronicles

    1. I really like it, I haven't tried any of the other ones but I'll definitely be picking some minis up if I can find them! X

  2. Great picks! LOVE that morphe palette and They're Real! xx

    1. Oh Emily, I just want to wear every shade at the same time - I literally feel like I'm neglecting the ones I haven't used yet. I think it's an issue X

  3. Beautiful products! That morphe palette was on my list for a bit! I have oily skin so it's weird with a lot of primers which I hate! I have yet to find one that works with my skin type and actually makes a difference :/. Great post! Love how it's not a million things but really good basics!
    XX Jen

    1. Get it off your list and into your basket. It's BEAUTIFUL. I have combination skin so as long as I put it in the right place it works a dream.. if I put it on my nose I look like a snake shedding it's skin. Gross! I believe less is more. I love 'Insta Worthy' make up collections but they're mostly full of s**t that's out of date. Keep great products and purchase ones that are worth the pennies! X


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