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How To Make Pinterest Work For You

making pinterest work for you
If I was to say to you, "the great image searching, board pinning, absolute minefield". You'd know what I'm talking about right? You got it, it's Pinterest. It's a love/hate website where you can find ideas and inspiration for anything and everything and depending how you use it, can totally change your life. That's what I want to share with you lovely bunch today.

In case your not familiar or if you've been living under a rock, Pinterest is essentially a social media come search engine platform where you can search, save and like pictures, videos, links, articles YOU NAME IT from anywhere on the web. You then sort them into 'boards' and away you go - it's a bit like having 20 mood boards hung on your kitchen wall, just on a website. Got it? Brill, moving on..

I only actually started using Pinterest a year or two ago (late to the party I know) but I'd definitely say it's become one of my favourite ways to pass time. Not only that, I've found it useful for a number of different reasons. I'm going to walk you through 5 ways I use Pinterest that will make it work for you and your life. Here we go!

Making pinterest work for you

1. Inspiration

As Glinda, the good witch, once said 'It's always best to start at the beginning'. I would say from personal experience and from speaking with friends and other bloggers, the main reason Pinterest is used is for inspiration. Whether it's your wedding dress, your next bake or your plans for a home renovation, it's great to gather all of your inspiration in one place.

2. Engaging with brands, creators and friends

I've yet to come across a brand that isn't on Pinterest and as a blogger myself, it's great to be able to see what they're pinning, planning and coming out with next. Pinning and liking things from these brands allows you to really engage with them and you never know, they might even take a look at what you're sharing. The same goes for creators and by this I mean anyone from a photographer, blogger, scientist to a hairdresser - you name it. Pinning their work will let them know that you like it and that you're interested. If they've just created something amazing, they want to know that people are seeing it. As for friends, whenever me and the girls are planning something great, we share boards. This basically means we can all contribute to this one board so if you're planning a trip or party all of your ideas can come together without having 214 WhatsApp notifications.

3. Purchases

To be honest, last year I think this was the main reason I actually used Pinterest. When we were buying our house, I used it not only for inspiration but to pin things I wanted to buy to keep track. Then when I'd bought them, I'd go into the caption and put a little tick emoji. People must have wondered what the hell I was doing but it made it so easy for me. I also use Pinterest for Christmas, now I don't mean pinning cookies and decorations, I mean for presents. I create Secret Boards for each person I'm buying and do the same as before, tick them when they're bought.

4. Style 

I think Pinterest has really helped me develop my personal style. I notice a consistent theme with the clothes I'm pinning, homewares and even holiday spots. Once you start pinning you'll see recommendations or things you may like on your home page, I guarentee once you start you'll never stop but when you've pinned for about 10 minutes look at your boards. You'll see what I mean. The style aspect, for me, also follows on with purchases. At the moment I'm planning what I want to wear for Vegas in September and what style I want to go for. If you check out my 'S P R I N G / S U M M E R' board (shameless plug), you can see the kind of thing I'm going for on this trip!

5. Goals

Goals. Squad goals. Make up goals. Fit goals. Holiday goals. House goals. Food goals. Blogging goals. Music goals. Gym goals. Work goals. Motivational goals. Goals goals. Alcohol goals. Butt goals. Boyfriend goals. Wife goals. Shoe goals. Handbag goals.

Wowee, I hope you enjoyed this post and that it gave you some other ideas of how to use Pinterest to your advantage! Don't forget to follow me and comment below with your tips!

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