Thursday, 23 February 2017

What's In My Bag?

Is it just me or are 'What's In My Bag' videos and posts super interesting? I will literally click from one to another and after watching one just the other day I thought, "Hey, are you really a blogger if you haven't done a what's in my bag?". So here we are.

My every day go to bag is the Michael Kors Hamilton which I've had since last September and there's a cheeky little review here if you want to know more about it. I'll just quickly let you know that this bag is holding up so well, it's still completely in tact and really, if I hoovered the bottom it would be like new. Great purchase! Now onto what's actually in my bag.

Card holder - This is so convenient and I can't believe I carried a full purse full of crap for so long. I keep important bank cards and store cards in here. I also happen to have £10 which is rare for me, $5 which I clearly can't spend and two pressed coins from Chester Zoo and the Grand Canyon. Useful.

Purse - I hardly ever carry a purse around partly because I never have any cash and partly because it's so big that I literally can't be bothered. It's been in my purse since around Christmas time when for once it actually had cash in. It currently houses two £1 coins. Just call me money bags.

Notebook - Useful for writing notes. More useful if I read them back.

Chewing gum - Forever referred to 'the turquoise one' as I have no idea what flavour it is. I also for no reason at all have three half empty packs. FANTASTIC.

Lipstick - Two from Rimmel Kate Moss in 107 and 08 and one from Rosie for Autograph in a shade I cannot remember. These see me through most occasions to be honest so there's always one I can use.

Hand cream - The best hand cream I have ever owned, it's from Elizabeth Arden and it's fab.

Lip balm - Vaseline and Elizabeth Arden. Great alone, great together. Staples of my bag because I always have dry lips.

Travalo - The best invention for carrying perfume around, it makes me wonder what the hell I did before getting one of these because I certainly didn't carry around a huge bottle. I'm currently smelling of Calvin Klein Euphoria.

Miscellaneous items - NYX Set It Don't Fret It and Maybelline Fit Me concealer for touch ups, Bonjela just in case and eye drops because I have the driest eyes ever.

There you have it, probably the most boring What's In My Bag you've ever read but honestly I don't keep receipts, old sweets or anything overly sentimental in there. Come to think of it, was this post even worth it? 

I'd love to see what's in your bag so make sure you tag me or tweet me when you do!


  1. So I'm like comment storming all over your blog but I had to check it out. I love what's in your bag posts! You crack me up with yours though haha! I use the NYX powder too! Do you like it? I kinda do but don't know if it's like a ride or die. The hand cream seems like a winner. Don't worry my bag is crazy- 2 huge wallets and a coupon carrier amongst other things lol. Random question-do you use a fancy camera for your pics?! They're so nice!!
    Jen (again) lol.

    1. That's no problem! The more the merrier hehe. Me too, I feel like mine is so boring though - I literally keep nothing in it to be honest. I like the powder but it's not my fave, it's more one I had going spare to throw in my bag on a shiny day. You should do a what's in my bag because it sounds like it could be interesting! I've started using a Canon EOS M10 - my phone is good but it can be grainy sometimes. It depends how I'm feeling really X


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