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How To Stay Organised As A Blogger

How To Stay Organised As A Blogger
Ah organisation. Love it or loathe it, we all have to get our things in order every once in a while. Whether it's your handbag or university work pretty much the same over-advised principles apply. Keep everything neat. Don't create clutter. Clear out regularly. The list could go on. Today however, I'm here to talk to you about staying organised as a blogger which is a little different.

Honestly, before I started blogging, not only did I think 'How hard could it be?' but I also thought 'Surely you just open your laptop and go?' Oh I was wrong. I think out there, in the world beyond the Blogosphere, people still think blogging is a very minimal effort, no strings attached just take pretty Instagram photos kind of hobby. If that's you reading this, you're wrong too. 

So, almost getting to the point, hopefully you've clicked on this post for one or two reasons. You're either a blogger who wants some handy hints and tips for staying organised or you're a blog reader who wants to know how we all do it. Whichever category you fall into, I'm happy you're here and lets get to the points. 

1. Keep a notebook. Now, I know what you're thinking, this is the most given tip in blogging community. Yes it is and for good reason. Whether you're using a paper notebook or the notes app on your phone, it's handy to be able to jot down topics, phrases or photo ideas so you've got them to refer back to. If you're extra anal about organising like me, you can even add coloured tabs to differentiate between your categories and topics and remove them when the post is published. 

2. A digital folder system. I currently use Google Drive but use whatever works for you. I create folders for all my posts and inside those folders I'll keep any photos, graphics or notes I've made on that post. When I publish them I moved them to the 'Published' folder so I know not to worry about them. As I use Google Drive to back up my phone photos, I also tend to keep a folder for published photos and stock photos so I know which I can use and where. 

3. Schedule your social media. I know some bloggers don't like scheduling their content because it feels impersonal. Whilst I totally get that, I think if you pay attention and schedule well, it can be really effective. For example with Twitter, by paying attention I mean not scheduling the same link to your post 10 times over if you know you won't be tweeting in between. If I know I'll be busy on a particular day, I might only schedule a couple of tweets or none at all just so my followers aren't bombarded. I like to use Buffer for my tweet scheduling.

4. Utilise your phone. I know that pretty much everyone has a phone these days but I think besides Snapchat and Instagram they can be a little under utilised - I don't even remember the last time I made an outgoing call. Back to the point, utilise the calendar, reminder and notes section for your blog planning. You can plan your posts in your calendar and set reminders a few days before so you can make sure they're ready. You could also use the notes section for quickly typing posts or for drawing out what you want your images to look like - I've recently started doing this and it helps a lot.

5. This tip is a little too advanced for me at this point but I did try it for a little while. It's creating an editorial calendar. You can find so many examples on Pinterest and they can contain anything from shooting schedules and planned posts to the social media content to accompany your posts. They're so impressive and inspiring to look at and I envy bloggers who can keep up them. Mine lasted two weeks. 

6. Enjoy yourself. Whilst organisation is great and can help us with head clutter and stress, it's also so important to enjoy what you are doing and not feel like you have to stick to schedules or deadlines just because other bloggers are. Daily bloggers are absolute inspirations but if you want to post once a week or even once a month, that's okay too. 

I'd love to know if you have any organisation tips for fellow bloggers because when I was starting out, these were my most searched for posts!



  1. I really liked reading this! I've always been into stationary, so before I even got serious with my blog, I started writing things down, but I should start using google documents! It's such a great idea. I don't know where to start, since I started my blog already. Great tip though xxx

    Melina |

    1. Hi Melina! I'm glad you like reading this post. I'm the same, even just popping to the shop I have to take a list in case I forget anything. If you wanted to give it a go, I would just start with your next post. You could even do it on your PC without the need for Google Drive - I think it's just easier for me as I write posts in different places X


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