Tuesday, 11 July 2017

Face Of The Day: Chester Races

Make up is incredible. It has the ability to alter your look and the ability to change the way you feel about yourself. For the most part, it's a confidence booster and some of us wouldn't dream of heading anywhere without a swipe of lipstick or a quick coat of mascara. That's where these posts come in.

Now, I am all too well aware that the beauty industry is booming at the moment. You only have to look on Instagram's search and discover page to see hundreds of people, all showing off their skills, hoping to impart their wisdom even if it's on just a few of us. Me, however, I don't gravitate towards those 30 second videos, I still prefer the editorial spread showcasing Chanel's new lipstick in my glossy magazine. I like things in depth.

I want to share more with you than a picture captioned #FOTD tagging each brand in both photo and in caption with no explanation. I want to share the how's, the why's. I want to explain myself and my look whether it's from the drugstore or high end - I hope you'll enjoy this as much as me. So, without further ado, here's my face of the day for Chester races.

This year, I decided on my make up look as soon as I picked up my tickets. I normally go back and fourth eventually making a panicked decision on the day of. This time, I already knew. 

I wore a plain black jumpsuit and so I wanted a look that was clean and classic. I didn't want a look that either a) Looked like I'd thrown every product on to my face to compensate for lack of colour or b) Was too much effort as I'd ultimately be getting ready at my desk. In the end the look I went for was just like the one that I shared on Instagram a few weeks ago with a little bit of added drama for night time wear.


I was looking for that flawless base and a clean contour. I wanted a little flush of colour on the cheeks and a small amount of highlight for a natural glow. To execute this vision, I firstly cleansed with my Visible Difference cleanser from Elizabeth Arden and followed with L'Oreal's Hydra Genius. This cleanser offers such a good base for make up. It removes dry skin and excess oils leaving you with perfectly balanced skin. Moving on to make up I started with Smashbox's Photo Finish primer in my t-zone and in the pores around my nose to ensure nothing would move around - I've been making a conscious effort not to skip this step recently as it really does make a difference.
Next is a relatively new step in my make up routine. Contouring before my foundation. I know this isn't revolutionary but it's just something I never felt the need to do - I was happy doing it afterwards. Sometimes though, I found with the Smashbox Contour Sticks, my foundation would move around underneath when trying to blend. This step takes all of that away. After I've put a little shadow into the hallows of my cheeks and under my jawbone with the contour sticks, I added a small amount of Dew The Hoola to my hairline for a natural finish. I added a spritz of De-Slick setting spray and moved on to my foundation.
Another new for me, probably not new for you is the Rimmel Match Perfection foundation. I've seen Fleur de Force rave about this for years but never believed the hype until I picked it up a little over a month ago. I absolutely love it. It's so buildable and gives such a natural finish. It was perfect for this occasion. I used the concealer from the same range to cover my dark circles and blemishes and finished off with a dusting of the new Rimmel Insta Fix powder. Now, this powder is a lot more matte than I would have usually gone for but as I needed my make up to hold well for at least 9 hours, I knew it's what I had to do.
To finish the face off, I first added some Hoola Bronzer into the hallows of my cheeks, under my jawline and around the temples. Then, to give myself a healthy and youthful glow, I flushed my cheeks with the gorgeous Galifornia which left me with enough radiance to not need highlighter.


As I mentioned earlier I wanted to my eye look to be clean and classic. I opted to run a light warm tone from my Morphe 35F pallet through my crease to compliment my bronzer and a slightly darker colour as a discreet cut crease. I then added a light shimmery shade onto the centre of my lids for a youthful, more awake look and also made sure to put this in my inner corners to make my eyes pop.
I moved on to my go-to Collection Fast Stroke liner to give the the sharp wings that I wanted and made sure to not make it too thick as this wasn't the look I was going for. I tight lined my upper lash line so there was no skin showing and added a coat of waterproof Lash Sensational to ensure my mascara would stay on my eyes all night.
Lastly I filled my brows in with NYXs Tame and Frame brown pomade and finished them off with Gimme Brow for definition. I cleaned up around the edges of my brows with the Match Perfection concealer for a sharper look but I left the inner thirds so they didn't appear drawn on. I also added some of the Fleur De Force Fleur Loves lashes over top. Simple yet effective.


Last but not least, my lips of the evening. As I was going for a classic look, I knew it had to be a red lip but I needed something that was going to see me through endless glasses of wine and cocktails. After adding a few pats of the Eight Hour Lip Repair, I chose the red shade from the Rimmel Exaggerate Lip Liner range because it gives such smooth and creamy base but doesn't allow the colour on top to bleed. This colour is also opaque enough that if you wish to over line your lips, you can do seamlessly. Over top, I opted for the staple Ruby Woo from MAC. It's matte enough to not dry your lips out but enough to allow everything to stay in place.

To summarise, my look was a classic winged liner with a red lip and sculpted cheeks. I absolutely loved this look and received so many compliments on the night.

Let me know if you enjoyed this style of post because I'd love to do more in the future. 


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