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A Quiet Getaway in Troon

A Quiet Getaway in Troon
Sitting peacefully on the west coast of Scotland is my favourite little seaside town, Troon. Known for its famous golf course and stunning beach, it's the perfect place for a quiet getaway.

Over the last ten years, I've spent a lot time in Troon because some of my closest family members live there. As a teenager, I'd save every penny just to go up for the weekend and have fun. As the years have gone by, Troon has become more of an escape for me and I've really began to appreciate how quiet and lovely it is.

Unlike usual travel recommendations telling you how to stay busy for a week in a bustling city, this one is going to give you some ideas for what to do when you want to relax and take a trip to the coast. 


Where: 73 South Beach, Troon

The South Beach Hotel is a lovely family run hotel right on the seafront and naturally, offers amazing views across the sea. It's popular with golfers and is often booked up so get in fast. 

Where: Anywhere you like. 

There are so many amazing AirBnb's in Troon, we actually stayed in one on Wellbeck Crescent last time we were up. There's everything from family homes to holiday apartments and in my experience, they're all reasonably priced. 

Premier Inn
Where: Kilmarnock Road, Ayr

If you like to stick to what you know, there is a Premier Inn situated a few miles down the road at Prestwick Airport. If you're not driving, it may seem far out at first but there is a train station close by and taxis are only around £10. 


What: Scotts
Where: Troon Yacht Haven

If you follow me on Instagram you'll know that Scotts is my absolute favourite spot for breakfast. It serves the best Scottish breakfast with an amazing view over the marina. It's part of the Buzzworks chain which has several restaurants in the Ayrshire area. If you head here, make sure you ask for a seat in the conservatory. 

 The Golf Inn, Prestwick 
Where: 154 Main Street, Prestwick

Technically this isn't in Troon but it's an absolute must if you love a properly cooked steak. It may not look like much from the outside but every time I visited Troon with my parents, we would all go out for a family meal and devour the most mouth watering steaks. 

 Any fish & chip shop
Where: Everywhere

I don't know what it is but eating fish and chips from by the sea is so much nicer. There are a number of different chippys around Troon and I've not heard a bad thing about one of them. Yum.


What: Lido
Where: 11 West Portland Street, Troon

Lido is also part of the Buzzworks chain and is perfect for a cocktail in the evening. It's decorated so lovely and the service is fantastic. They offer a classic selection of cocktails and it's a must visit if you fancy dressing up a little. 

What: 7 Saints
Where: 3-5 The Cross, Prestwick

Like The Golf, this bar isn't in Troon but it's great one to check out if you're looking for something more lively. They have a crazy selection of drinks from cocktails in bath tubs to shots in shotgun shells. They also have an amazing burger kitchen!


Where: South Beach, Troon

South Beach is absolutely swarmed in the summer months and it's clear why. It's beautiful. The sand is clean and soft and the water is crystal clear. The beach spans pretty much the whole town center so it's a good walk if you're looking to occupy yourself outdoors. 

Isle Of Arran

It's super easy to get to Arran from Troon and it's been something I've been dying to do for years. You can catch the ferry from Adrossan just around the corner and they run there and back a few times a day. I'd love to climb Goat Fell or just take a drive around the Isle because the scenery looks stunning.

 Golf at the Royal Troon
Where: Craigend Road Troon

If golf is your thing, you can't visit Troon without playing on the Royal Troon golf course. It's held competitions such as the open and runs the length of the beach. The views must be absolutely stunning.
There you have it, my recommendations for things to do and places to stay if you're ever in Troon. I'd love to know if you've been before or if you'd consider visiting in the future!


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