Sunday, 19 November 2017

Why The Maybelline Tattoo Brow Is A Lazy Girls Best Friend

Why The Maybelline Tattoo Brow Is A Lazy Girls Best Friend
I love eyebrows. They're probably my favourite aspect of make up to do and having groomed or filled brows really does make such a difference to my face. The problem? I'm lazy.  Through the week, I hate wearing a lot of make up or make up at all to be quite honest. It's a combination of not wanting to get up early to do it and not wanting perfectly defined brows whilst wearing little to no other make up. The solution? Maybelline Tattoo Brow. 

I first used this just over a month ago on a Sunday night. Honestly, I was quite terrified. After carefully painting the gel over my brows and leaving it for about 20 minutes I just had to peel it off out of sheer panic and absolute excitement. My brows looked amazing - Even up close, they looked natural. I struggled getting a precise application with the wand at first but I just switched to a finer brush and it worked a treat. 

For the next few days my brows held up well and didn't appear patchy. I used the medium shade for my light brown hair and though it did start appearing slightly red, it still matched really well. I started using a brow pencil on the third day just to tidy them up as they began to fade but I believe that if you keep this on for over an hour, they last a lot longer. I've continued to use it almost every week to give my brows a base and it's exactly the look I was hoping to achieve for those no make up days.  Win

Having easy to use products in my lazy make up routine is so important to me. What are your go-to products for lazy make-up?



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