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7 Things Every Traveller Must Do

7 Things Every Traveller Must Do
I constantly think about travelling. It's one thing that I love researching and undoubtedly my favourite way to spend my time. Since we're currently trying to plan our next few getaways, I started thinking about ways to have more fun and do things a little differently whether that's breaking personal boundaries or just trying new things. After reading and researching a heck of a lot lately, here are the most suggested things that every traveller 'must do' at least once. 

Sleep under the stars A lot of people simply do not like the idea of camping - myself included - however, I bet there are few experiences better than sleeping under the stars. Honestly, I love the idea of being outdoors and just looking up at the sky. Australia came up highly recommended for activities like this and 4WD Supa Centre  looks like the place to go for all things camping whilst there, check it out! Obviously it goes without saying to check the areas you're planning on staying to make sure the skies are likely to be clear.

Have a holiday romance I'm not talking about a romance with another person here guys, I'm taking about falling in love with a new place or experience. Just letting go a little and really immersing yourself in the surroundings will make you fall more in love with the places you see every day. 

Skydiving I've wanted to Skydive for the longest time but honestly, I'm a complete wuss. It's not for everyone but if it's available in a city or country you're travelling to, wouldn't that be the perfect time - I mean, if there's ever really a good time to jump out of a plane. Goskydive, which you can find here is well worth a look if you're looking to book in the UK, especially if you're diving in aid of charity like my bestie, Bethan is later this year. 

A roof down road trip If the roads in the US weren't so terrifyingly confusing and busy, we would have 100% done this by now. Something about driving down the open road with some great music on the radio is just everything I'm currently lusting after however there are so many cool places to stop along the way that it'd probably take us weeks to get from A to B.  As well as the US, Argentina and Australia are also popular destinations for road trips. 

Socialise with the locals If you've read my reasons why travelling is good for you or why I fell in love with Kos you'll know that the locals make up a huge chunk of why I love travelling. In Kos, we dined at the same family run Taverna a few times during our trip and what made it so special is how much the owner, Romeo, loved to chat and talk about his family and his business. He also pointed us in the direction of other amazing places to visit that we probably wouldn't have found otherwise. 

Live in luxury Many travellers are on a small budget which means we never get to experience the luxury of five star hotels and apartments, celebrated restaurants or expensive shopping destinations but even while on a budget it's nice to splurge at least once. One of my colleagues actually tends to do this for a few nights of a two week long trip. That way she saves money by not doing it for the entire trip but still gets to rest her head in some incredible places!

Mingling with wildlife Whether it’s whale watching, a safari amidst lions, rhinos and elephants or diving deep in the sea with sharks and other marine life, every traveller should experience getting up close and personal with other animals at least once! 

I love the thought of some of these things and as we speak I'm trying to fathom how to afford a luxury nights stay on a weekend trip to Paris. A girl cal dream right?


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