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Can I Learn To Play An Instrument at 23?

Can I Learn To Play An Instrument at 23?
When I was fifteen, I went to a house party for a friends eighteenth birthday. Inevitably, my friend drank too much and passed out so I was left alone, not really knowing what to do with a bunch of people I didn't really know. After a few hours of attempting to mingle, I went into my friends room and just sat reading through what was probably back issues of Kerrang when someone came in. 

They'd actually come in to check that I was okay and to apologise for what could only be described as carnage happening in the living room. We sat and chilled for a little bit when all of a sudden he picked up a bass guitar. My friend was still very much in deep slumber but the gent began playing and playing and all of a sudden, I was in awe. I asked if he played much to which he shrugged 'Not really' and from then on, I wanted to learn how to play. 

He tried to teach me a little, but after the two ciders I'd managed to stomach, I didn't have the best coordination so we left it for the night promising to try again tomorrow. Soon enough, I fell asleep and by the next morning he was gone. I thought that he may have just been a cider mirage but the bass on the guitar on the floor said otherwise. A successful evening I'd say. 

As time went on, even after dreaming of becoming the next Hayley Williams, I never did learn how to play. I decided it was too much effort and figured since I was still in school and hanging out with my friends, I 'didn't have time to learn'. Realistically, I just couldn't be bothered. 

However, after my last music post, I got thinking about whether at 23 I could actually learn an instrument. Have I gone past the 'ideal age'? Would I even do anything with it? Let's explore. 

What do I want to play? In short, who knows. I'd love to play guitar but I just know that no matter how hard I try, I'll never be any good at it. I don't have the rhythm - Or the patience for that matter. I thought about piano potentially. I had a keyboard when I was younger and it was always my instrument of choice in school. Who knows but it could be a contender. 

How I am I going to do it? Again, who knows. I've looked around at pianos and keyboards online and found loads of cool Yamaha B series but realistically I don't have the space OR budget to even dream of having one. They're cool though and when I buy a mansion in Malibu, I'm sure one will take pride place in my hallway, even if I can't play it. 

Will I need lessons? Absolutely. Luckily these days Youtube exists and there are a bunch of videos on there walking you through everything from the basics, right up to advanced levels. Gone are the days of searching for tabs online, now there are videos to help my sorry non musical backside along the way. 

Will it be good for me? Yes and no. Playing a musical instrument is said to work wonders for stress, depression and handling anxiety however, I think the process of learning something new would potentially cause more stress than it would take away? Who knows but there a bunch of studies out there from both perspectives so they've been interesting to read.

So what's the verdict? Am I going to learn something new? In short, I probably won't learn the piano since I don't actually own one but we do have a guitar gathering dust upstairs so maybe I'll give that a go. 

Do you play an instrument? If so, do you still play and when did you learn? I'm SO interested to hear!


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