Friday, 8 June 2018

5 Reasons To Visit York + Why I Can't Wait To Go Back

5 Reasons To Visit York
As you'll know if you read my London To Do’s post, I’ve been thinking about travel lists for a while now. I’m still not entirely certain if I want to format them into cities, countries or who knows what so for now, I’m just going with the flow and today we're talking about York.

For me York as always sat, perched in the back of my mind. I’ve not visited for well over 10 years but I spent a week there as a kid and more recently, one of my best friends relocated there. It seems to be a city that’s cropping up more and more both online and in real life so I thought I’d list the 5  reasons I’d like to visit again.

History Before my first trip to York, we spent an entire school term studying the city’s history. We covered everything from when it was first founded by Romans through to the industrial revolution. On the trip walked around the Minster, National Railway Museum and spent the day exploring Eden Camp - Honestly, it was bloody fantastic. I still think it’s one of the most interesting trips I went on as a child and even now, there are so many museums that I'd be occupied for days. As well as museums, The Shambles is also an absolute must not just for history but also for boutique shops. When we were in school, they told us that two people standing at the top of the closest buildings would be able to shake hands – I’m unsure how true that is but I’d love to see it in action. I'll always remember our parents faces when the class pulled back into school with fake cigarettes from the famous joke shop. Sorry not sorry Mum. 

Food I heard on the grapevine – or perhaps from my friend Chris – that York is quickly becoming one of the UK’s great food capitals. Much like Manchester and Leeds, there seems to be a whole host of cute cafes and cool eateries. Shambles Kitchen comes highly recommended along with pretty much all of the restaurants on Fossgate. Apparently Sunday Roasts are still ~the~ thing to eat simply because Yorkshire puddings are better in Yorkshire, right?

Pubs York is full of small, charming and said-to-be haunted pubs. Whether you choose The Golden Fleece or the Ye Old Starre Inn, locals say you’re guaranteed to have some kind of paranormal experience – That scares the absolute hell out of me but I’d definitely give them a try. There’s said to be enough pubs in York to visit one every day of the year - I don’t know about you but that’s right up my street.

Folklore The paranormal activity doesn’t stop in pubs, York as a whole is said to be a hotspot for all things ghostly. Other haunted spots include The Black Swan Hotel and the Treasurer’s House. The North York Moors are also said to be full of myths and legends including witches and hobgoblins – Where do I sign up?

Hotels So many of the York hotels are situated in historic buildings which is a nice change of scenery from your modern high rise. If you want something more luxurious there are so many stately homes on the outskirts and similarly lots of family run b&bs as well as Airbnb if that’s your thing.

What are your thoughts on York? Have you ever been or would you go there in future? I'm definitely thinking about paying my friend a visit for a long weekend!


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