Tuesday, 18 September 2018

Why Getting Away Helps Me Reset

Why Getting Away Helps Me Reset
Last week I took some time off. I had five glorious days of annual leave with not a plan in my diary. I'd given some thought to cleaning my house, finally putting up some IKEA furniture and going on THAT country walk I've been meaning to take for weeks but as Monday drew to a close, I knew that it wasn't enough. 

You see, life has this funny way of hurtling things our way. It's inevitable and whether that be work projects, health issues or even just a day of bad weather, when I feel like things are getting too much, I like to take time to reset and relax. 

Of course, relaxation comes in many forms whether it be a bubble bath or a chilled glass of Pinot but since I had the days already free from work, I decided to getaway for a little while. For me, that's always been when true relaxation sets in and here's why.


Over the years when I've planned a quick getaway for some much needed head-space, before I've even unpacked my bags, the change of scenery alone has given me that sense of calm. Whether it's somewhere I'm familiar with or somewhere entirely new, when I open the curtains and see something other than my neighbour shouting at her children, I'm happy that I've taken the time to venture elsewhere - Even if it's just a few miles away.


A few years ago, had the option to throw my routine in the air arisen, I would have laughed and responded with 'Absolutely not'. These days however, I'm thrilled at the prospect. Though I'm a lover of doing things my way, when I have no evening plans, my weekdays are a cycle of work, cooking dinner and sleeping with the occasional gym visit thrown in for good measure. Heading somewhere different allows me to leave that creature of habit in me at home and wake up some morning not knowing how the day will turn out. 


I absolutely adore the people I share my day to day life with and nothing gives me more joy than spending time with them gossiping and conversing about our lives. Whilst I wouldn't change them for the world, there's something about heading somewhere new that springs an excitement in me for new conversations. Whether it's meeting new people or catching up with old friends, it's a chance to discuss a different topic, share new opinions and sometimes enlighten one another with the unknown. I honestly find it so fresh and relaxing to start a new conversation once in a while. 


Being in different surroundings automatically floods my mind with inspiration. It could be something I've seen or heard but I can almost guarantee that I'll leave with a host of ideas  and thoughts under my belt. Last week was a chance for me to catch up with family who've each been doing their own amazing things since the last time we spoke - Some have finished degrees while others have been raising babies and no matter what the scenario, it's always a chance for me to draw inspiration and think about what I want to be doing in life.


For me, the most important thing about getting away is having time to reflect. Having those moments away from my normal life to clear my mind and think about what I want to do next. After some bad news the week prior, last week was a chance for my partner and I to reflect on the things we're so lucky to have at home and be grateful for what we're able to do.

What steps do you take to help reset yourself when things are getting a little too much? Getaways have always been my favourite but I'd love to hear your stories.


Wednesday, 5 September 2018

What's Next for ItsHollieAnn.com?

What's Next for ItsHollieAnn.com
Over the past month, I've had a lot of time to reflect. It's been a busy one but I've caught up with old friends, hung out with new ones, explored ways to further my career and delved into topics from my past, that I can finally put to bed. Somewhere between having a great summer and thinking about all of these different things, it occurred to me that it had been a while since I thought about what I wanted for my blog.

I started this blog in 2016, the spring after we bought our house. It was a place where I could share photos and talk about things that, quite frankly, my other half was tired of hearing. In the beginning, I never thought much about it - Like most people, I didn't expect anyone to see it, let alone have people who actually read it and engage. For me, it's still absolutely incredible.

Since the joining online world my blog has turned from a side hobby that, truthfully, I forgot about more than I remembered into something I'm really proud of. In a sense, it's grown with me and so, naturally, the things I want to talk about differ somewhat from those early posts and the diary style content I used to enjoy writing. 

So what's next?

Well first things first, I've cleared up my categories. It's not a major change but it's going to help me label posts better and you to navigate them easier. Of course, the three main categories will still be Beauty, Travel and Lifestyle but within those, you'll find posts more defined but not so much that they're buried away. 

The Beauty category is broken down into Hair, Skincare and Makeup. Travel is now split into Beach Escape, City Break and Travel Tips and Lifestyle is divided into Advice, Career, Reflection and Relationships. 

I finalised these just yesterday but I'm already excited and inspired to create content for ItsHollieAnn.com that finally fits somewhere I'm happy with - Not between 26 categories, 13 of which I don't use.

I want to take ItsHollieAnn in the direction of being helpful and informative as well as being somewhere I can share my personal thoughts, feelings and experiences. I want to be able to talk about everything from great skincare finds to enhancing your career right the way through to dating and relationships - Something I've not delved into before.

As far as changing name and theme, I'm going to keep things as they are. ItsHollieAnn.com is appropriately named because that's exactly what it is. It's me. With regards to the theme, for now I'm happy but in the near future, I want to opt for something easy to navigate and even more user friendly. 

If you made it this far, thank you for reading. I hope you're as excited as I am x 

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