Monday, 29 April 2019

Photographs from Kos, Greece

Photographs from Kos
Photographs from Kos
Photographs from Kos
Photographs from Kos
Photographs from Kos
Photographs from Kos
Photographs from Kos
Photographs from Kos
Photographs from Kos
Photographs from Kos
Photographs from Kos
Photographs from Kos
Photographs from Kos
Photographs from Kos
Photographs from Kos
Photographs from Kos
Photographs from Kos
Photographs from Kos
It's been almost two years since we travelled to Kos but it was a place we fell in love with so dearly. We always knew we were going to return and our honeymoon felt like the perfect time. In light of the gorgeous weather we've had this weekend, I thought it would be the perfect time to showcase some fresh edits of our time in Kos ahead of our trip later in the year. 

There's so many more Greek islands on my wishlist but I'd love to know yours.


Monday, 22 April 2019

Making More Time For Myself

Making More Time For Myself -
So far, 2019 has been a somewhat crazy year. Between planning a wedding, attending birthdays, fitting in time with the girls and remembering that I do actually need to wash my hair, it feels like my mind is racing 24/7. 

Don't get me wrong, I'm thankful to have a lot going on. I'm excited to see our wedding plans coming together, I'm loving the new found time my friends and I have to catch up and it's great to be there to celebrate milestones in other peoples lives but lately, I've been finding ways to slow down, collect my thoughts and take some time for myself. Here's how. 

Putting down my phone

Cliche? Perhaps. Necessary? Absolutely. I've been making a conscious effort to put my phone down of an evening and when I get into bed. It's not just that I sleep better when I do but more so because I end up seeing something on Instagram, which I then Google. Which leads me to another thing and then another and before I know it, my mind is racing again. I don't need the extra mental stimulation of an evening. Less phone, less thoughts. Winner.  

Making lists

It goes without saying that getting the endless streams of things to remember down, all into one place is brilliant. I have lists upon lists and I don't even mind. Food shopping, wedding to-do's, things to watch, things to buy. You name it, I have a list for it. It may seem less productive to have 5 lists but it works for me, you do what works for you.

Heading to bed early

I always feel better when I manage to lie in bed for a little while before falling asleep so I've been trying my hardest to say no to another episode in favour of having a moment of quiet before sleep. 

Asking for help

I'm the first to admit I'm guilty for wanting to deal with everything on my own and not worry anyone else. I often struggle to delegate things in favour of wanting to do it myself so I've been trying my very to best to utlilise my amazing friends and fiancee to help with what's on my mind. Whether it's an opinion, advice or running an errand, my friends and partner have been on hand just I would be for them. 

Clearing my calendar

Not as drastic as it sounds but I've really been making an effort to only say yes to things I absolutely want to do or finding ways to still do the things we've planned but make time for ourselves at the same time. In short, we've  basically just slashed the number of days we'd spend on the sofa after too many proseccos in favour of driving to bars and heading home at a sensible hour. I'm sure we'll be back to cocktails at 2am when things calm down but right now, I'm all about getting home with enough time for a cup of tea before bed. 

Now more than ever I've realised how important it is to really take care of you and how it's okay to admit that sometimes, things can be overwhelming. I'd love to know the ways you make time for yourself and any tips you'd recommend.


Monday, 15 April 2019

A Few From Our USA Bucket List

A Few From Our USA Bucket List
My fiancee and I have always kept a list of places we want to visit. Whether it's countries or cities, restaurants or national parks - If there's somewhere we want to go, we'll jot it down or save it on Pinterest and look back at it when pondering where to go next. Of course, we'd love to see the world in it's entirety however, for now we'll keep adding to our list and crossing off as we go.

Our travel bucket list spans the globe but I thought I'd share a few from our USA bucket list first of all. This list is in no way complete but it's a snippet of the places we're dying to visit. I'd love to know if you've been to any of these places or where in the US you'd like to go.


Hackberry Store I never thought I'd visit the US until later on in life but after first seeing a photo of this store four years ago, I knew I wanted to do it sooner. Having never hired a car on our visits to Las Vegas means we haven't driven out to it yet but I'm hoping some day we'll find the time to. Also, the fact it was the inspiration for the store in Cars is just the cherry on top of this awesome place. 

Monument Valley Something about Monument Valley calms me. I don't know if it's the interesting landscape, the vast open roads or just desert in general but something has always drawn me to it and I can't wait to visit one day.


Joshua Tree National Park Something about renting an air-stream out in the desert appeals to me massively. Couple that with miles of Joshua Trees, cacti and huge rock formations and you've got yourself a deal.

Monterey Something about the seaside cove of Monterey just gives me chills. We're dreaming of watching whales, eat delicious seafood and take in the adorable town.

Palm Springs I can't believe we've not visited Palm Springs yet after lusting after it for years. The combination of green palm trees and mountains is something I've always been in awe of and those mid-century vibes? The cherry on top of a dreamy vacation!

San Francisco The Painted Ladies, Cable Cars and Alcatraz are just three reasons I can't wait to visit this amazing city. The Golden Gate, great food and LGBT culture are three more. The list could go on and as I mentioned in my honeymoon destinations post, we're finally heading there this summer.  

Yosemite National Park Mountains, trees, landscapes. Incredible. 


Aspen The idea of drinking a warm cider by the fire at a cozy ski lodge in Aspen could literally send me to sleep. It looks like an absolute dream and is definitely on my wishlist.


New Orleans Who doesn't want to stroll down Bourbon Street, listening to Jazz music, chowing down on great food? I've seen and heard a lot about this city and that coupled with every balcony in the French Quarter looking like a dream, makes it an incredible place to visit one day.


Burning Man Festival The more I see of Burning Man, the more I'd love to go. Such a cool concept and to be out in the desert with like minded people at an event you don't see anywhere else is way, way up on our bucket list. Realistically, I probably couldn't hack it but it's wishful thinking.

Valley Of Fire Nevada's state parks are all absolutely breathtaking but there's something about the orange sand contrasting with the blue sky in Valley Of Fire that looks stunning. 


Brooklyn As much as we'd love to visit all of the NYC boroughs, Brooklyn is way more up our street. Cobbled streets and industrial buildings filled with cool bars and eateries are so our style, plus, I've wanted to take THAT photo of the Manhattan bridge from Washington Street. 


Lake Michigan I don't know if it's me or if I've been watching too many spring break movies but since I was in my early teens, I've wanted to get a beach house on Lake Michigan and spend my summer there without a care in the world. 


Portland For us, Portland seems like the Manchester of the US. A city we feel like we could completely submerse ourselves in and spend time roaming the streets and parks, stopping off for incredible coffees at every chance we get. 


Beaufort I wish I'd have known about Beaufort when I visited SC because it truly looks like the dreamiest place.  All that Southern charm, antebellum mansions and right by the water? How could we not want to visit. 

Charleston Though I spent two months in Charleston, I'd go back in a heartbeat. There were so many things I didn't get to do and so much that I'd like my fiancee to see. It's such a charming city and is full of history, great food and some of the nicest people I've ever met. 


Nashville Visiting Nashville is a dream as old as time and I can't believe I haven't gotten there yet. Such a charming city filled to the brim with talent, history and hot chicken. 

Let me know if any of these places are on your USA bucket list or if you've ever visited any of them before!


Monday, 8 April 2019

Wedding Chat: Choosing Bands & Meeting Our Officiant

Wedding Chat: Choosing Rings & Meeting Our Officiant - ItsHollieAnn
I know it's only been a few short weeks since I posted a wedding update but I couldn't help but share another because.. We've chosen our wedding bands! We'd originally decided on getting them in either late April or early May but the more we thought and the more our calendars filled up, we decided it would be best to get them early so that we've got longer to make any changes. 

As always our appointment with Rob was a dream. We caught up on the past few months over a coffee and champagne before the big reveal. I fell in love with my band as soon as I saw it - It's ever so delicate and compliments my engagement ring perfectly. My fiancee's is the perfect classic band however she's undecided whether to go for one that's an extra mm in width - You wouldn't believe the difference it makes.

We've decided we'll have them engraved after the wedding and I'm toying with the idea of getting my engagement ring done too. It's currently off to be resized which is giving me all kinds of separation anxiety but hopefully this time around it will be the perfect size, plus it'll get a little polish too so it'll be even more sparkling. We also chose to emboss our boxes. My fiancee's was ready yesterday but mine should be with my when my engagement ring comes back - It's exactly the same but the initials are reversed. 

This week we were also introduced to our officiant, Judy, over in Las Vegas. She's an award winning officiant with years of experience with all different kinds of ceremonies. She's down to earth, very fun and right up our street so we're very excited to be working with her.  

Also, we finally got round to having invitations printed so we're in the process of sending those out as we speak - I'm a bit nervous that people are going to tell us they're coming but not actually RSVP so I can see myself chasing people closer to the time. I'll apologise to them in advance.

We're still putting together a playlist to send to our DJ but I'm hoping he'll get the vibe and play some songs we've probably forgot to add. I almost forgot to mention that we also found vases for the tables at our Celebration/Reception party yesterday - They were a bargain from Ikea and they look 5x the price. Very happy indeed!

As of today, it's 75 days until we get married. I say this all the time but it's coming round so quickly! We're both incredibly excited but we'll be so sad that the planning and prep is over because we're truly having the best time!


Monday, 1 April 2019

Current Base Staples

Current Base Staples - ItsHollieAnn
It's about that time of year where I start switching up my beauty products. Now that the cooler months are almost over and done with, I'm craving that natural looking dewy skin that will see me right the way through summer. My skincare has remained the same with the exception of switching to a lighter moisturiser so today I wanted to round up the beauty base products I'm currently reaching for on a daily basis, to give me that natural glow.

Bourjois 123 Perfect CC Cream

This CC cream has actually been a staple of mine for I don't know how long. I love the way I can customise the coverage depending on whether I use a sponge or a brush and I also love that it doesn't feel heavy or cakey on my skin. I've not come across a product yet that doesn't layer well with this CC cream and despite it becoming a little tough to get hold of, it's remaining firmly on my dressing table for as long as physically possible.

L'Oreal Infallible Magic Essence Drops

Blue drops to brighten my complexion? Yes, I too was skeptical. Whilst I don't feel like these alter the luminance of my skin, they do an excellent job of hydrating. Upon first impressions I compared them to The Ordinary Hyaluronic Acid  but after using them a little more, I think I prefer these because the consistency isn't thick making them very easy to blend out. Also worth nothing that, considering they're blue, you actually don't look like a smurf after application. 

L'Oreal Glow Mon Amour Highlighting Drops

I first discovered these about a year ago when searching for the perfect 'no makeup makeup'. I instantly fell in love with their versatility and their ability to not appear as though I'd poured a pot of glitter onto my face. At first I found them quite oily and though this is no longer the case, I do use them sparingly on my nose and forehead just in case. At the moment, I like applying them after the essence drops but before my CC cream - Sometimes I'll top them up afterwards too. Definitely a must have, especially since they're a fraction of the price of some others on the market.

Glossier Stretch Concealer

I have a love hate relationship with Glossier whereby I love their products but my skin hates them. This concealer is no different but I think I've found a way to finally make it work since I want to love it so much. As this concealer isn't as sheer as I first thought, without any other makeup, it's incredibly noticeable and often dries out over spots and under my eyes. Underneath my CC cream however, it works like a dream - I've been using it under and around my eyes, around my nose and even to cover blemishes and it no longer dries out or ends up sliding around my face. Since discovering this new-to-me way of using it, I've honestly been having the best time. I'm even considering replacing it - It's finally love. 

There you have it, my four current base staples, why I love them and a little bit about how I use them. Thanks so much to everyone that voted for this post in my Instagram poll, it's one I've been meaning to share for weeks! What are your current base staples or beauty bits you can't live without?

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