About the blog

Welcome to ItsHollieAnn, a beauty, lifestyle and travel blog written by me, Hollie. 

ItsHollieAnn was created in 2016 as a platform for me to share opinions, views and knowledge about everything from the latest lipstick to great destinations.

Since those first posts my blog has grown in both engagement and content. It will always be a work in progress but I'm very happy with how it's coming along. 

About Hollie

As you hopefully know by now, my name is Hollie and I'm from the North West UK. I like to write about all things beauty, travel and lifestyle. What a gal. 

I'm happy to address the fact that I drink too much prosecco and have an unhealthy obsession with any tequila filled cocktail. I buy too much make-up which is great news for my blog and definitely have at least 10 different lipsticks in exactly the same shade. I'm an outfit repeater, do I care? Absolutely not. I like going places, exploring and getting lost. I love pine tree forests and being outside gives me a wonderful feeling of calm. I've had the chance to see some of my favourite bands live and to be honest, gig tickets ruin my bank balance more than designer handbags (Though my Alexander Wang Rockie is the love of my life). I don't carry cash, ever - 'Anyone have £1.50 for parking?' It's a no from me. I'd say my most asked question after 'Can I have a bottle of prosecco?' is definitely 'Can we have Mexican food for dinner?'. Oh, did I mention I love food? 

If you've stopped by for beauty posts, a great one to start with is my recommendations for a capsule make up bag. It's an oldie but goodie. If you're here for music, check out my Bands To See Live post to see the kind of music I listen to and who I recommend seeing if you can. For travel, my most popular post by far is What to Eat, Drink and Do in Las Vegas.  Finally, if you're looking for just a little insight into my life, I wrote a post all about the lessons I've learnt in my first 22 years.

If you wish to contact me by email, I can be reached at itshollieannx@gmail.com or if you just want a chat, you can find all of my social media links to the right.
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