Sunday, 20 March 2016

Finishing Touches | Dunelm, John Lewis & More

I have a problem. Like, really, is there some kind of Homeware Anonymous I can go to?

Yesterday I went out to buy a few more bits and pieces for the third room I mentioned in the last post.

One thing led to another and here I am with more purchases.

Dunelm is a shop I'm really into at the moment. I bought these adorable dipping bowls for when we have guests round and three extra Kilner jars incase our current Orla Kiely coffee jars don't last. I picked up two copper baskets, one for shelf decoration and the other to use as a bin in the dressing room. At the top you'll also see a beautiful mercurised glass hourglass and also a copper tea light holder.

From Wilko I picked up a neutral lampshade, Command Strips and some photo frames to put on the wall in the third bedroom.

I ever so casually sloped into John Lewis hoping to find these prism photo frames, they've been out of stock online for a little while so I couldn't leave them. I also picked up two heat proof mats, you know, practicality and last but not least, another Orla Kiely tea towel.

Finally I went into Asda Living to pick up some accessories for the third room and these are what I found! A tea light lantern, a pineapple vase and also some artificial flowers that are actually in a lovely turquoise pot. 

So there you have it, my weekend purchases all shiny and ready to be put to good use!


Friday, 18 March 2016 / United Kingdom

Finishing Touches | All of this for under £40?

Since moving into our home in December the third bedroom has been neglected. 

We've been using it as a room to store all of our old bits and pieces that don't fit into our new home and I feel very guilty that it hasn't had the same love and attention as every other room.

Currently, the room has white walls and brown-black furniture. On top of this, the room is at the front of our property which doesn't really get any light until late afternoon. It's bleak.

Honestly, at first, I didn't know how we were going to get around it. We thought about switching the furniture with the other bedrooms', getting brand new furniture, seriously considered sealing off the room and never entering again, and that's when I found the answer, Primark.

I absolutely love Primark's homeware. They have some adorable designs, excellent smelling candles and above all, it's budget friendly. 

White bedsheets were a must, along with anything that would give the room a new lease of life.

Look below and see what I found!

Now, I'm usually not a fan of canvas' with inspiring quotes or any quotes for that matter but I thought this one was adorable. It's quite small but has lots of different colours so I think I'm going to perch it on one of the side tables. 

Finally, the candles! I think I'm going to put the two mirrored candles into my living room and switch out a few candles I have in there currently that are more suited to a bright room. Back to inspiring quotes, usually I wouldn't have bought the 'Young and Brave' candle but it was £1. I could not leave it there! The blue 'Apple Orchid' is like nothing I've ever smelt before and I'm going to put that in the master bedroom.

As I mentioned earlier, I wanted was a white duvet set as they're clean, bright and versatile. This one has stripes down it like a hotel bedsheets! 

Next was a new duvet. The one that's in there at the moment is very old and all bunched up in places - I've had duvets from Primark before and they're so soft.

I picked up the two different pillows to bring some texture and more colour into the room - also being a Kate Spade fan gold polka dots are a must! I'm not 100% certain I'll keep the pink pillow in that room, somehow now that i've brought it home it doesn't fit with the brightening effect I'm going for. 

That's everything I bought on my mini Primark haul. Stay safe and have a lovely weekend. 

Love, Hollie 
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