Tuesday, 31 January 2017

Favourites Playlist - January

Doesn't it feel like January was the longest month ever? Like, literally 6874 days long? I'm so happy that it's over and now I feel like we can start 2017 properly - I'm going to think of January as a practice month. I'm surprised that I haven't added more to this playlist with it being the longest 4 weeks ever but the songs that are on there are absolute gems.

Deaf Havana finally brought out their new album, All These Countless Nights. I've given it a couple of listens so far and it's definitely one to watch - I can't wait to see them next month in the almighty Manchester Ritz. Mallory Knox released a spanking new track from their upcoming album, Wired, and it's fantastic. I caught the 'first listen' on Radio 1 and fell in love immediately. I've also been listening to the likes of Ed Sheeran and Adele this month - not usual for me but I'm really liking their latest material. I've also been watching a lot of Nashville and broadening my country music library, Sting here I come.

I'm so excited about what's in store for music in 2017 and I really want to take the time to discover up and coming bands and artists. I also want to make sure I see just as much live music as last year if not more!


Fever - Deaf Havana
Better Off Without You - Mallory Knox
Seventeen - Winger
Cochise - Audioslave
Castle On A Hill - Ed Sheeran
Find Me - Sigma
Consider Me - Hayden Panettiere
Perfect Strangers - Jonas Blue
Water Under The Bridge - Adele
I Can't Stop Thinking About You - Sting

What music have you been listening to this month? Let me know in the comments!


Monday, 23 January 2017

How I Clean My Make Up Brushes

How to clean make up brushes
This post has been a long time coming and honestly, the only reason I haven't posted it sooner is because I haven't cleaned my brushes properly in ages - yes gross, I know. I've tried a few different methods over the years and honestly this one is definitely the easiest and the fastest. 

So far I've tried washing up liquid and olive oil which is far too messy, thorough, but messy. Then I tried liquid brush cleaner which doesn't really do enough of a job, it's better for spot cleaning. Then last and definitely least, gel cleanser which might as well not even be a product. I know this method is 100% fool proof, won't cost you a bomb and will leave your brushes super soft!

You will need;

Make-up Brushes
Hand Soap
Cleaning Pad (optional)

Step 1. Probably best to not tip all of your brushes into the sink, it serves no purpose other than the fact that it makes a good photo lol. Have your brushes, soap, running water and optional cleaning pad within good reach. 

Step 2. Work one at a time. Rinse the hairs of each brush as you go along making sure they are upside down to prevent water going into the funnel as much as possible. You'll see why later.

Step 3. Pump some hand soap onto your palm, gently swirl the brush in the soap and be disgusted by how much old make up comes off. That's when you know you're doing it right. 

Step 4. When you're done with that brush, rinse your palm and the brush and gently smooth out the excess water. Then lie them down or stand them in a glass upside down to dry. 

TIP: It's best to let your brushes dry upside down where you can. I used to line a pint glass with kitchen roll and carefully place my brushes in being careful not to over crowd or miss-shape. This way the water runs down and doesn't stay in the funnel loosening the glue which will eventually make your brushes lose hairs.

Step 5 (Optional): If you're using a brush pad, keep this for more dense brushes to see the best results. Put one pump of soap onto the pad and swirl your brush in. It's like magic. Here I'm using the Real Techniques one but I believe you can pick them up on Amazon now for next to nothing.

How to clean make up brushes
Do you have any brush cleaning tips that you'd like to share or some magic trick to just make them all clean with no effort? No? Okay.


Sunday, 8 January 2017

2017 Fuck Budget

First things first, if you haven't read 'The Life-Changing Magic Of Not Giving A Fuck' go right now and buy it. Seriously. Head on over to Amazon, iBooks, Waterstones whatever you choose because you need this book in your life. 

This book is quite literally about not giving a fuck and writer, Sarah Knight, encourages readers to use the 'Not Sorry' method. Which is basically not giving a fuck about things you don't care about and not being sorry about it - for example, your old best friends shit new hair cut.

She also guides readers through creating a 'Fuck Budget' which is essentially building up a list of things that you will and will not give a fuck about meaning you only allocate those precious fucks to things you actually care about - like maybe calling your Grandma once a week.

After reading Rhianna and Vix's 2017 Fuck Budget, I knew I that I had to share mine too. It's so relieving once you've created one that I can assure you, once you start writing it'll be hard to stop. Lets go!


More fucks: Engagement. I really want to connect with other bloggers more and not just in my comments section. I will make the effort to comment on other blogs, join in Twitter chats and hopefully make some great friends along the way.

Less fucks: Driving. I passed my theory test over a year ago and the way I see it, if I had any intention of driving I would have done it already. I'd be paying for it myself and to be honest, there are more important things in the world.

Less fucks: Followers. There's so many blogs and videos out there that are all about how to grow followers. It's just not important. Engagement is so much more important and that's what I'm here for.

Less fucks: Plant based diets. It's such a craze at the moment to be in on plant based diets and follow every uneducated bloggers plans for 'staying healthy' and 'cleansing your body'. No time, no fucks.

More fucks: Getting fit. I want to take the time to actually work out and make sure I'm eating properly - and definitely not following a plant based diet lol. As I said in my Hello 2017 post, there's no goal weight in mind, I just want to be healthy. 


Less fucks: Whether others think I look good without make up on. Like, get over it, sometimes I don't wear make up and that's absolutely fine. 

More fucks: Taking the next step. Showing my ability, making the right decisions and moving on up to where I know I can be. 

Less fucks: Caring that I didn't go to university. I know that it wasn't the right thing for me to do but I have days when I think maybe I just should have got a degree just in case. 


Less fucks: Social breadcrumbing. Vix put this in the best way possible. Sending the odd catch up text to someone I have no intention of seeing is no longer on my to-do list. Saying 'Lets have drinks' to someone I definitely don't want to go for drinks with is no longer my priority.

More fucks: Quality time. I want to spend quality time with the friends I really care about. I want to go for drinks, dinner, go on holiday and make memories with the people that matter most.

Less fucks: People that don't like me. 


Less fucks: Relatives that make no time for me. I don't want to be the one always calling, texting, visiting. They know where I am too. If they want no part in my life, that is absolutely okay.

More fucks: The lovely family members that actually have time for me, that are always happy to see me and that I know I can count on just like they can with me. 

Less fucks: Whether some family members 'approve' of me. 

There you have it kids, my 2017 fuck budget. It feels like a weight has been lifted. Please if you choose to make your own Fuck Budget, link it below so I can read it because I absolutely love them!


Thursday, 5 January 2017

Hello 2017

I have to be honest, I'm the worst person at sticking to new years resolutions. Not because of my lack of dedication or because of laziness, I just forget. 

This year, I want to not only change that, but change the kind of resolutions I'm setting for myself. Yes I still want to save thousands of pounds and lose 3 stone but are those goals achievable? Yes. Can I be bothered? No.

So today, before I create my 'Fuck Budget' (more on this later in the week) I thought I'd do a quick round up of things I would like to achieve and lifestyle changes I want to make in 2017. 

I want to decide how I feel about my driving test. I passed my theory almost a year ago but since, haven't been slightly arsed to even think about taking my actual test. It's been booked and rebooked more times than I'd care to think. This year I just want to decide, do I want to do it or not. 

I want to get fit. I don't mean I want to lose a tonne of weight or go on some ridiculous diet that I can't follow. I just want to get fit. To tone my arms, legs and preferably my stomach. I want to be able to go for a run and not feel like I want to collapse 5 minutes in. There is no goal weight in mind, just fitness. 

See my family more. I can literally count on one hand how many times I saw my grandparents last year and it hit me very recently that they're not going to be around forever. Now, I don't mean that after my grandparents I'm going to be rushing out to see every second cousin under the sun. Just the family I want to keep close.

Save money Stop wasting money. I want to have money to fall back on but I also want to save for a big trip next year. I don't just mean putting money aside out of my salary, I mean not blowing it on 5 cocktail nights or endless fridge items that I let go out of date. 

Care less about peoples opinions. I don't want to be constantly worried about what people think of my diet, my hair colour, whether I swear too much etc. Not my issue. 

Bother less with those that have a negative impact on my life. People constantly talking shit, causing drama or being a general misery there is no longer a place for you in my life. 

And finally, last but not least. Invest in my blog. I want to 100% invest more time and money into my blog in 2017. I want to engage with more people, make some great friends and enjoy every second of it. I want to be consistent but not strain myself. 
And there you have it, some of my new years resolutions. I'd love to know what your plans are for the year! Let me know in the comments. 

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