Thursday, 25 May 2017

6 Bands You Need To See At Slam Dunk 2017

6 Bands You Need To See At Slam Dunk 2017
Guys, #SDF17 is almost here and if you can't tell, I'm excited. This will only be my second year attending but last year was so damn good and I really do think this year could actually top it. I just can't wait to stand in Millennium Square with a beer in hand, listening to some awesome music.

A few of the bands in this round up were mentioned in my live music this year post back in February but as there's going to be so much good music I saw no harm in mentioning them again. Ready? Here we go. Six bands you need to see at Slam Dunk this year!

Deaf Havana | Let's face it, Deaf Havana were always going to be at the top of this list because they have a tonne of great music and are always a pleasure to watch. Their new album dropped earlier this year so be sure to take a listen and head out to see them if you're at the festival.

We Are The Ocean | Do I even need to give you a reason to go and see these guys? Man, it's going to be emotional. These guys brought out some hefty songs throughout their time and with these being their final three gigs I really don't think you can miss them.

Neck Deep | Okay okay, so you may think I'm biased because they're from my home town but you've got to admit, Neck Deep are killing it at the moment. I've heard so much about their shows and their music has grown on me so much recently that I'm really excited to see what they're about.

Don Broco | Man, I love this band so much. I've been listening to them since way back when and even though they dropped off the radar for a little while, I loved their last album. I haven't seen them live since they supported We Are The Ocean way back in like, 2013-ish, so I'm super excited.

Madina Lake | I mean, how can we not Madina Lake's comeback?! 14 year old me is so excited, I don't know how I'll contain myself. I didn't manage to catch their farewell tour so this is perfect. PERFECT.

Set It Off | 
Truthfully, I've been meaning to see these guys for ages and I've never managed it. These guys worked their arses off putting out their last album and promoting that I feel like they deserve such a big squeeze and lots support!

So, that's my round up of must see's for Slam Dunk 2017. There are so many great bands that it was almost impossible to condense them down. However, needs must and I love these bands so much that I felt the need to point you in their direction.

Are you heading to Slam Dunk this weekend? Be sure to say hello if you're in the North!


Tuesday, 23 May 2017

A Western Inspired Haul Fit For The Desert

I'm not usually someone who follows trends, if anything, I have my own style and just incorporate bits here and there. For me, this means having staple pieces that I've invested in but turning to the likes of Asos, New Look and Boohoo for the trendier items. This is where this haul comes in.

Now I would say my style is some what rock-chic. I love nothing more than some black high-waisted jeans and an old band t-shirt teamed with a statement leather jacket and some heeled boots. I know this has become a big trend lately with every high street retailer having their take on the classic rock tee but for me, it just fits. When I was 18 and my friends we're going to town in their shortest dresses and unmanageable heels, I was stood behind with some classic killer boots, a baggy t-shirt tucked into my skinny jeans and my leather jacket over my shoulders. It's statement, it's edgy and to this day I love it. This season however there's a new trend in town and I'm all over it.
If you haven't guessed by the title, it's Western. I am all over it. I think partially because it's so casual but also because it fits my wardrobe to a T. When I think of the Western look I picture the deserts and I picture Tennessee. Two places I am in awe of. Now I've not been to Tennessee just yet but I have been to a desert and if you didn't already know, I'm heading back to Nevada this September to take in even more. Granted, I'm staying in Las Vegas but it's a desert, it's hot and yes, I want to kick my boots around in the dust and make my leather jacket badass as hell. Who can blame me? This is where these pieces come in.
I think the item that kicked this haul off were the Topshop Montana Boots. I had these in my basket for weeks, maybe even a month, and I was so torn on whether to buy them. Then I saw Fleur De Force's Coachella photos and well, I checked out and received them the next day. These boots have the perfect heel height and are so comfortable to wear, perfect for running around Sin City. From Topshop, I also picked up this Western Belt and I can't help but think this will look great teamed with a plain t-shirt and some Levi cut offs. I can actually see this being my go to for the whole trip.
From Boohoo I first picked up this amazing embroidered shift dress which look great with the boots and also this crocheted oversize top to wear with the Levis I mentioned earlier. These pieces will also be good to wear over the summer in the UK because they can be layered up and we all know how unreliable the British summertime can be.

The last two things I picked up were shoes. First were a pair of black gladiator sandals from Boohoo and secondly a pair of toepost Birkenstocks. Now, about the gladiators, I couldn't possibly see how these weren't a good idea. I already have a pair of nudes that I picked up last year and I just can't help but feel that they tie any outfit together without being too overpowering. I actually wanted a pair similar to the Valentino Rock Stud sandals but the dupes seem to be sold out everywhere! Moving on to the Birkenstocks, I've wanted a pair of these since we were in Vegas last year but I've never actually got round to buying them until now. I do need to exchange them for a smaller size but other than that, I'm really excited about wearing them with some shorts or some cut offs throughout the summer.
I've never actually written a fashion haul on my blog before and I debated (and Twitter polled) for a while about whether it was too much but they're posts I like reading so of course they're posts I'm going to write. I'd love to know what you think of the items I've bought and weather you'd be open to seeing posts like this in the future!

Thursday, 18 May 2017

On Learning About Money

Money Lessons To Learn In Your 20s

For the longest time I've thought about money every single day. Do I have enough? Do I have too much? Can I buy this? Do I need to save for this? Etc etc. Now I'm the first to admit, despite what you've read, I've not always smart with my money. I've bought bags that were too expensive, booked holidays with no idea how I was going to afford them, splurged on far too many lipsticks and eaten out instead of in more times than I'd care to count. But I'm learning and I'm taking control and I'd like to share with you the money mistakes I've made and the lessons I'm learning in my twenties.

1. I'm learning not to say yes to things unless I know I can afford them. Whether it's gig tickets when I know there will be a hotel involved, a holiday, a clothes order, whatever. I'm trying to make sure that I budget for everything and not say 'Oh I'll just put it on my credit card '.

2. I've learnt that there's no point having savings if you have debt. What's the point in having £1000 in your bank and £1000 on a credit card. Even if the credit card is interest free it's better to pay it off and start your savings fresh. Use the money that you would be paying off your credit card to put into a savings account.

3. On the subject of credit, I've learnt that it's okay to have it, as long as you're in control. My credit score improved greatly when I first got my credit card because it showed potential lenders that I could borrow money and pay it back. I know it's easier said than done but it's important to keep everything in your own hands and not just be working to pay back endless Asos orders or that spontaneous night out. Take the credit where you need it and make regular payments.

4. I'd like to have ideally three months salary saved on top of my regular savings account. I say this because a few years back I was made redundant and during that time I had absolutely no income. It was a hard time and I know that if I would have had a few months salary in the bank, I wouldn't have had to stress so much about paying my rent, phone bill and other miscellaneous things with so little money.

5. Lastly, I'm learning to not buy for the sake of buying and I'm trying to implement this into all aspects of my life. I'm trying to not pick up food in the supermarket just because it's on offer or buy a bottle of wine in the pub when I only want a glass. I'm trying to not place clothes orders just because it's 20% off and I'm definitely becoming more conscious when there is offers like 3 for 2. Without sounding frugal, I'm just trying to not buy things that I don't absolutely need.

This is my third money related post on my blog and I really hope you enjoyed it. You can find the first two here and here which are tips on how to save money.

Let me know the lessons you've learnt and any tips you may have, I'd love to hear them!

Sunday, 7 May 2017

Exploring Day To Night Beauty Essentials

Day To Night Beauty Essentials
I must say, transitioning my make up from day to night is probably my least favourite thing to do. My personal preference is to just take it all off and start again. Sometimes however I don't have that luxury and I really do just need that quick turnaround. 
Day To Night Beauty Essentials
In the past, if I knew I was going out somewhere after work for example and that I wouldn't have time to re-do my make up entirely I would panic pack. I would panic back my entire make up bag, all my skincare and some make up wipes just in case I could bag five minutes and start it all again. As time has moved on and I've learnt about my skin and my make up, I've found what works for me and that's what I'm going to share with you today. My absolute essentials for transitioning from day to night. Nothing more, nothing less.   

My skin changes quite a lot through out the day so first and foremost for me is hydration. Now most of the time, because I've already got make up on, I don't want anything that's going to smear or tug at my existing make up. I want something that's going to go right over top and sink in. This is where the Eight Hour Hydrating Mist comes in. I spray this four to five times around my face, with or without make up, and it absorbs instantly keeping whatever is underneath completely in tact.
Day To Night Beauty Essentials
Next up, I like to make sure my base is flawless and fresh. In my experience putting a high coverage concealer on over a face of make up doesn't quite look right - it's either the wrong colour or far too cakey. To eliminate this problem I like to take the YSL Touche Eclat and just pop it over any blemishes or dull spots. Nine out of ten times, it does the job perfectly and that's good enough for me. I then add a swipe of translucent powder over the top just to make sure it's locked in place and sometimes a little bronzer around the edge of my face just to give me some colour before using some Urban Decay setting spray.
Day To Night Beauty Essentials
My next step is to tackle the eyes. I like to make them look bright and awake though I'm probably half asleep and for this my absolute go to is liquid eyeliner - When they said 'A girl with liquid liner can conquer the world' they weren't lying. It's such an easy way to add drama to your makeup, make you look more awake and just like you've made that little extra effort. I keep it simple and use this fool proof number from Collection, I've been using this since day one and if they ever stop producing it I'll have a breakdown. If I was creating a full night time look then I would probably use some eye shadows but as I'm usually in a rush at this point, I skip them. 
Day To Night Beauty Essentials
I then like to add a generous amount of mascara to lengthen and volumise my eyelashes. If I've been wearing mascara during the day, sometimes I will just take a makeup wipe and remove it. Just so my eyelashes are fluttery rather than clumpy and spider like. I'm currently loving this new L'Oreal Baby Roll mascara and I always make sure it's waterproof so no accidents happen. 

Lastly I move on to my lips. I make sure they're moisurised using whichever lip balm I have in my bag. Today it's Vaseline. I personally then like to go for a bold lip just to feel more dressed up and more like I've made an effort. I'll usually opt for a pink or a berry red but MACs Ruby Woo would also work a treat. My preference for bold lipsticks is matte just because they look a little more sophisticated but it's entirely your choice. 
Day To Night Beauty Essentials

I hope you enjoyed my round up of day to night essentials, be sure to let me know what yours are in the comments!


Thursday, 4 May 2017 / Dublin, Ireland

Afternoon Tea in Dublin: Gallaher & Co

I've been back from Dublin for about three weeks now and although I didn't originally plan on sharing this post, I couldn't resist. I'm here to tell you about the most incredible afternoon tea I've ever had in the heart of an incredible city. 

What: Gallaher & Co Bistro & Coffee

Where: 16A D'Olier Street, Dublin, Dublin 2, Ireland

To give you a little background, it was a quiet Thursday afternoon and our last few hours in Dublin. My partner's mum had chosen afternoon tea as her Mother's Day gift and it was our job to find a nice place that suited our style (by our style I mean they wouldn't judge us for the Guinness we'd been drinking since 12.30pm). I did a little Google search and swiped swiftly past the swanky hotels and boutique cafes and stumbled upon Gallaher & Co. I called and spoke to a lovely gent that booked our reservation and we went on about our day. Truthfully I became quite nervous as we hadn't thought to check out any photos or reviews before heading over - We hoped for the best. 

Nothing could have prepared us for how amazing this place actually was. We walked in to the incredible building that housed the bistro and just couldn't believe our eyes. It was exactly what we wanted. The interior had a certain industrial vibe and the staff we're so welcoming. Our menus were ready laid out and ordering was an absolute breeze. From the afternoon tea choices we went for the steak, oak smoked salmon and smoked bacon and tomato. It was to die for. Like, I mean my mouth still waters when I think about it! I can't even put into words how happy we were with everything from the service and the atmosphere to the food and the price. I wouldn't hesitate to visit again next time we're in the city and even though it we didn't know what to expect at first, it was fantastic. 

Have you ever been here, would you go in the future? Do you have any other afternoon tea recommendations for Dublin? 

Afternoon Tea in Dublin: Gallaher & Co

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