Tuesday, 23 May 2017

A Western Inspired Haul Fit For The Desert

I'm not usually someone who follows trends, if anything, I have my own style and just incorporate bits here and there. For me, this means having staple pieces that I've invested in but turning to the likes of Asos, New Look and Boohoo for the trendier items. This is where this haul comes in.

Now I would say my style is some what rock-chic. I love nothing more than some black high-waisted jeans and an old band t-shirt teamed with a statement leather jacket and some heeled boots. I know this has become a big trend lately with every high street retailer having their take on the classic rock tee but for me, it just fits. When I was 18 and my friends we're going to town in their shortest dresses and unmanageable heels, I was stood behind with some classic killer boots, a baggy t-shirt tucked into my skinny jeans and my leather jacket over my shoulders. It's statement, it's edgy and to this day I love it. This season however there's a new trend in town and I'm all over it.
If you haven't guessed by the title, it's Western. I am all over it. I think partially because it's so casual but also because it fits my wardrobe to a T. When I think of the Western look I picture the deserts and I picture Tennessee. Two places I am in awe of. Now I've not been to Tennessee just yet but I have been to a desert and if you didn't already know, I'm heading back to Nevada this September to take in even more. Granted, I'm staying in Las Vegas but it's a desert, it's hot and yes, I want to kick my boots around in the dust and make my leather jacket badass as hell. Who can blame me? This is where these pieces come in.
I think the item that kicked this haul off were the Topshop Montana Boots. I had these in my basket for weeks, maybe even a month, and I was so torn on whether to buy them. Then I saw Fleur De Force's Coachella photos and well, I checked out and received them the next day. These boots have the perfect heel height and are so comfortable to wear, perfect for running around Sin City. From Topshop, I also picked up this Western Belt and I can't help but think this will look great teamed with a plain t-shirt and some Levi cut offs. I can actually see this being my go to for the whole trip.
From Boohoo I first picked up this amazing embroidered shift dress which look great with the boots and also this crocheted oversize top to wear with the Levis I mentioned earlier. These pieces will also be good to wear over the summer in the UK because they can be layered up and we all know how unreliable the British summertime can be.

The last two things I picked up were shoes. First were a pair of black gladiator sandals from Boohoo and secondly a pair of toepost Birkenstocks. Now, about the gladiators, I couldn't possibly see how these weren't a good idea. I already have a pair of nudes that I picked up last year and I just can't help but feel that they tie any outfit together without being too overpowering. I actually wanted a pair similar to the Valentino Rock Stud sandals but the dupes seem to be sold out everywhere! Moving on to the Birkenstocks, I've wanted a pair of these since we were in Vegas last year but I've never actually got round to buying them until now. I do need to exchange them for a smaller size but other than that, I'm really excited about wearing them with some shorts or some cut offs throughout the summer.
I've never actually written a fashion haul on my blog before and I debated (and Twitter polled) for a while about whether it was too much but they're posts I like reading so of course they're posts I'm going to write. I'd love to know what you think of the items I've bought and weather you'd be open to seeing posts like this in the future!

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