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Why Travelling Is Good For You

Why Travelling Really Is Good For You
A few days ago, I had a conversation with a good friend of mine about what to do when you feel stuck. Now, I don't mean stuck in sense of choosing between two things, I mean the kind of stuck where you just don't feel like you're moving anywhere whether it's in a job, in a relationship or just life in general. 

So as this conversation went on, we got onto the subject of taking time out to travel and why it might give him the motivation to find something he's passionate about. We're all aware that surrounding us twenty-somethings at the moment is a lot of influence to travel, a lot of content and a lot of people that suggest travelling helps 'find yourself'. Whilst I think that is complete bullshit - excuse my language - I do think it helps you find something. Something like a new hobby, a new safe haven and even a new love. 

No matter how many reasons I gave him to book a one way ticket somewhere new, he still wasn't quite convinced so today I wanted to share my reasons why travelling really is good for you and trust me, one of those isn't to 'find yourself'. 


I always feel most inspired when I'm in new surroundings. The different buildings, weather, sights and culture can just trigger something inside you that you may have never thought about before. It prompts questions that you would have never asked and answers to things you've never thought of. It inspires you to think differently.


On the same line as travelling making you think differently, it also helps you realise things. For me, when I'm away, I realise just how insignificant some of my at-home 'worries' are. While that won't be true for everyone, for me I find being exposed to different surroundings and cultures makes you realise there's so much more to the world than your corner.


This sounds so obvious but you have no idea how many people I come across that literally think life doesn't exist out of the UK. Every country is different, whether it's religious beliefs or cuisine, the traditions or even just the weather. Sorry to offend but travelling to a country and not leaving the westernised complex just isn't for me.


Again, sounds like something you'd do naturally but what I love most about travelling is the people you meet. I'll never forget Romeo, a lovely gentleman who owned a small taverna in Kos. He had worked almost every day of his life to keep the taverna running not only to support his family, but because he just liked seeing people happy. We visited quite a few times and he'd always treat us to a coffee liqueur after our meals and sit down for a chat. He was delightful and inspiring. 


'Take it all in' are words I tell myself over and over when I visit anywhere, even if it's a UK stay-cation. We are so occupied these days with what we can see on social media which is fine - hey you wouldn't be reading this blog otherwise - but it's important to know when to put the phones down. After my trip to Las Vegas last year I was initially a little upset that I didn't take a lot of photos but when I think back, I can remember it all so vividly and that kicks the ass of any Instagram grid. 

Travelling doesn't have to mean working in a banana field in Australia for six months or going to a full moon party in Thailand. Travel the way you want to, to places you want to go and find something that sparks joy inside of you. 


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