Monday, 4 March 2019

Turning 24 & Reflecting On The Past Year

Turning 24
I turn twenty-four on Wednesday and after just getting over a two day hangover (my friends are the worst influence) I'm finally ready to have a little chat and reflect on the past year and what's coming up. 

Twenty-three was very fun and, dare I say, it was the first year I really felt like I had my life together. I started the year making more effort with friends, finally parted ways with others and  throughout the year reconnected with people I'd lost touch with years before which felt great. 

We took another trip to Las Vegas and this was probably our favourite trip yet. We hung out, just the two of us, ate lots of amazing food and just spent the week being us. 

In the summer, I talked about selling your skills and the tips I shared helped me land a two month secondment in my company's US office, something I never even thought was in reach. I left my girlfriend behind to spend eight weeks in Charleston, a city I'd always wanted to visit, and became friends with people I couldn't imagine my life without. 

It was great experience and whilst I'd already decided I didn't need a five-year plan,  it really put things into perspective in terms of what I wanted out of my relationship, my job and life in general - It also made me realise things I didn't need. What I got out of that trip was more than I'd ever expected and I'm so glad I took the plunge and did it - Even if I did have a minor breakdown in Philadelphia airport en route.

I got home just before Christmas and to my surprise on New Years Eve, my girlfriend asked me to marry her. Of course, I said yes and so we've spent the last two months planning our wedding and that's just one reason why this year is going to be so exciting. 

Not only are we taking a trip to San Francisco and Las Vegas in June but we're also getting married whilst we're there.  We're then planning a party with our nearest and dearest when we come home before honeymooning in Rome, Paris and Kos later in the year which we're both over the moon about.

There's something about twenty-four that just feels right. I feel like I'm exactly where I'm meant to be. This last year was absolutely incredible and though the hangovers are already worse, I feel like twenty-four is going to be my favourite year yet.


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